Program 2015

Saturday Feb 7, 2015
8.00 Registration Opens

Morning Session
8.45 Welcome and Acknowledgment of Country (Jarmbi Githabul)
8.55 Welcome to Somara (Dan Schreiber, Jonathan Davis)
9.10 Panel | Connection To Country (Jarmbi Githabul, Binnah Pownall)
9.40 Rak Razam | State of Shamanation: 2015
10.10 Dimitri Mugianis | Interview and Live Q&A on Iboga [via weblink from New York.] (with Rak Razam)
10.40 Break (20min)

Mid Morning Session
11.00 Sarah Singing Raven | Right Relationship With Sacred Ganja
11.30 Paul Benhaim | The Latest Science On Medical Cannabis
12.00 Panel | Psychospiritual Emergency: Shamanic Perspectives on Mental Health Crisis
(Ella Goninan, Mudge, Katia Honour – moderated by Jonathan Davis)
12.40 Lunch (1hr)

Afternoon Session
1.40 Simon Green | Entheogenic Fallout: The Potential Harms Associated With Plant Medicines
2.10 Julian Palmer | Non-traditional Medicine Work
2.40 Panel | Ayahuasca & Sexuality: Overcoming The Challenges
(Wenona Matthews, Victoria Sinclair, Simon Green  – moderated by Even Dawn)
3.20 Break (20min)

Late Afternoon Session
3.40 Dan Schreiber | Neo Gnostics, New custodians and the Nuevo human:
The role of psychological parasites in the dawning of a golden age.

4.10 Darpan | An Interview & Live Q&A (with Rak Razam)
4.40 Featured Panel | Duty Of Care: Participant And Practitioner Perspectives
(Darpan, Victoria Sinclair, Dan Schreiber, Ella Goninan, Julian Palmer, Simon Green – moderated by Jonathan Davis)
6.00 Kilindi Iyi | Is Psilocybin a medicine or a tool of exploration?
[via weblink from Chicago] (with Rak Razam)
6.30 Purdie Wood  & Dan Schrieber ‘The Significance of Sound in Ceremony’
(includes closing icaros from Purdie Wood)

7.00 Dinner Break, including:
Medicine Songs with Eilish de Avalon from Enchanted Sound Circle

8.30 Darpan with Visionary Projections from Aurelien Pumayana Floret (Luminaya)


Sunday, Feb 8, 2015

Morning Session
9.oo Shonagh Home | Healing The Soul Through The Portal Of The Sacred Mushroom [via weblink from Seattle.] (with Rak Razam)
9.30 Jonathan Davis | Drinking Ayahuasca Alone: A Harm Minimisation Perspective
10.00 Panel | Ceremony Beyond Capitalism: The Money And The Medicine
(Floyd Davis | Darpan | Mudge | Victoria Sinclair – moderated by Dan Schreiber)
10.40 Break (20min)

Mid-morning Session
11.00 Victoria Sinclair | The Cosmic Serpent Meets The Rainbow Serpent
11.30 Nen | Lore and Protection of the Sacred Acacia
12.00 Panel | Cultural Appropriation or Archaic Revival?
(Jarmbi Githabul, Sarah Singing Raven, Binnah Pownall – moderated by Even Dawn)
12.40 Lunch (1hr)

Afternoon Session
1.30 Sebastian Job | Stoned Cyborg Theory 1.0: Egalitarian Survival
2.10 Panel | Medicines, Activism & Social Change
(Sebastian Job | Bruce Damer | Maha Laxmi | Dan Schreiber – moderated by Rak Razam) 
2.50 Dr Octavio Rettig | The Sonoran Desert Toad: Modern Uses of an Ancient Medicine (with Rak Razam)
3.20 Break (20min)

Late Afternoon Session
3.40 Simon Thakur | Embodiment, Neuroplasticity, Empathy, and Ancestry
4.10 Bruce Damer | Dancing With The  Plants
4.40 Featured Panel | Integration: More Important Than Peak Experience?
(James Skalkos, G. Lahood, Bruce Damer, Simon Thakur, Katia Honour, Jonathan Davis – moderated by Rak Razam)
6.00 Jeremy Narby | An Interview and Q&A [via weblink from Switzerland] (with Rak Razam)
6.30 Finish

After Party at Harmonic Temple, Paradise One, Coorabel. Tickets $25.
(This is an independent event and is very likely to sell out.)

Please note that this program is subject to change.