Dan Schreiber

dan_S_webDaniel Schreiber is a neo gnostic, earth imagineer, meta bio harmonic system analyst and designer.  Born in South Africa, he studied life sciences at Cape Town university majoring in zoology and marine biology. Having worked in media, design and art in South Africa and London, he moved to Byron Bay in the early nineties to live in the subtropical rainforests of the northern rivers as a landscape and water gardener.

His interest in plant entheogens started in the late eighties and was accelerated while hosting talks with Terrence McKenna in his studio in London in 1991. Dan became interested in propagating and growing these magical plants and fungi which was not only liberating in terms of supply but also enabled a deep respectful relationship to occur between human and plant. In 2000, after visiting the jungles of Peru and drinking ayahuasca with the Shipibo he returned to Australia to research indigenous plants for deep healing, divination and vision and later returned to the Amazon to learn from the Secoya elders about life, death and yagė (yaahey).

His love of plants, gardens and living systems inspired him to begin Starseed Gardens in 2003 with the design quest from Bill McDonough of ‘How do we love all the children of all species for all time?’

Starseed gardens would focus on the optimum space to have the greatest potential to meet oneself, reconnect, heal and become part of a resilient, harmonic, perpetually renewed living system – a habitable garden to grow humans!

His passion for pristine eco systems with their synergistic and symbiotic custodians has led to the foundation of ‘EarthEd School’ at Starseed Gardens which will continue to showcase these living technologies and ancestral wisdoms to demonstrate modern harmonic stewardship models in order to be part of a birth of the New golden age.
Somara is one of the annual collaborative initiatives of Starseed gardens and EarthEd school.