Daniel Mirante

Daniel Mirante will be joining us in person at Somara 2016. Born in the United Kingdom. Has been wandering the wilderness of the mundus imaginalis for 28 years.

Began www.lila.info, cooperative visionary art and medicine culture website in 2000 ad.

3 years ago was gifted from the Creatrix a hummingbird brush to depict songs of Gaian intricacy and celestial crystal Logos

In 2005 received help in the mische (mixed) technique of oil glazes and egg tempera with Brigid Marlin.

Became a collaborating member of the Elfintome arts collective (www.elfintome.com).
In July 2006 exhibited works at the Visionary Art Alliance event in London, then at BOOM Festival, Portugal.
Daniel is currently gaining much guidance and inspiration from rainforest traditions, the Kaballah, and the perennial narrative running through all world wisdom traditions. The adventure continues….