Jonathan VanDorn

Self taught artist living on the island of Maui. Most of my life as an artist I have been an illustrator and a textile fabric dye worker. I have created many pieces of batik and embroidery art for craft fairs and festivals. I have also done very detailed poster art and designs for the rock n roll live music industry. Nomadic by nature and by visiting many power spots and sacred spaces on this amazing earth I try to weave some of that magic into the designs that flow through me in many types of mixed media. Only recently after attending a visionary art and music festival did I find a group of artists that inspired me enough to start trying to capture my visions and windows into my soul through a new media with oil and acrylic painting? I have taken the last three years traveling around the globe and studying with some of todays top visionary artists like Adam Scott Miller,Amanda Sage ,Autumn Skye Morrison,Daniel Mirante,Luis Tamani and Alex Grey. It is here that I am finding a new way of seeing and learning things about myself . I’d like to show people the visions that flow from my heart and hand that come from the experiences this amazing earth and people have given me. Painting has become a tool for me to unlock so many gifts within myself . It is my hope that my art will inspire people to look within and see other worlds that may be possible within this form of expression.