Karlyn Boyter

karlyn_webpicKarlyn is a highly trained and experienced Breathworker who has been sharing the power, magic and beauty of conscious breath across the globe for the last 12 years. Her interest in transformational processes began when she was 19, when she was desperately trying to overcome depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and find her place and purpose in the world. Her path lead her to also study yoga, reiki, meditation, crystal therapy, tantra, sacred sexuality and conscious birth. The use of plant medicines and other psychoactive substances have also played a part in her life. However, Conscious Breath revealed itself as the key to long lasting positive change that includes integration and balance in ones life. It is the common thread that runs through all human existence and spiritual practices. Her passion is in creating sacred space for people and teaching them to use their own breath as medicine.



The Breath as Spirit Medicine.


Is it possible to enter altered states of consciousness without contraindications?


Presenting at Somara, Karlyn brings the use of conscious breath as a support or alternative to the use of plant medicines. Recognising the importance of the duty of care that is needed when using plant medicines as a transformational process, Breathwork is a modality that allows us to safely explore the depths of our inner world and the cosmos through altered states of consciousness.


Plant medicine has traditionally been used to make contact with the spiritual realms of Mother Nature and touch the divine. What has been discovered is that this journey is a meeting of TRUTH. Ultimately we meet the fullness of ourselves and experience our oneness with ALL THAT IS. Whether we like it or not we enter a multitude of dimensional portals which show us the nature of reality and who we really are; the shadow and the light. For the majority of people using plant medicines to traverse this territory, the journey is intense, sometimes scary but mostly a glorious quantum leap of awakening. For some however, it can become a bad trip that doesn’t end and leaks out over into our usual reality, creating unbalance in what we once knew as everyday life.


Breathwork offers the opportunity to take this journey in a more gradient form. We can choose whether to take the gentle path or to blast our consciousness out into the cosmos. Breathwork is also a powerful tool for integrating trauma or intense life experiences. In this way, it’s a fantastic method of support for those who’ve had experiences with plant medicines that have left them feeling imbalanced or for those who feel that plant medicines might be too strong for them.