Katia Honour

_MG_6646 copyKatia is an entheo-oriented visionary artist, currently completing a Masters of Fine Art (RMIT). Her thesis is titled “Mysticism, Madness and Medicine: Representing the phenomena of altered states of consciousness as an oscillation between theological, psychological and psychedelic perspectives”.

Her experience in the causes, symptoms and cures of mental illness is based upon 10 years case managing people with mental health and physical disabilities, including as a psychiatric clinic coordinator and researcher. When she herself became incapacitated through PTSD, she knew the limitations of mainstream medicine only too well and supplemented standard art therapy and psychiatric services with ritual use of Ayahuasca. The result was a transcendental experience and a shift away from a corporate approach to human rights policies into personal ritual service and art as a means of healing and raising consciousness. She now applies her 20 years of esoteric and psychiatric experience to the shamanic use of entheogens for healing. Art has become her tool within shamanic rituals; to set intentions, keeping focus, inspire self-awareness, map astral planes and integrate medicine journeys. Why? Because transcendent imagery can offer a sensory experience and inspiration to altered states of consciousness that surpass the impacts that logic and words alone can attain.

Katia has 20 years of international training in the esoteric practices across Spiritualism, Magick, Tantra and Shamanism and 5 years within the lineages of Ernst Fuchs and Salvador Dali. Her paintings regularly feature in the alternate and conscious community, such as Rainbow Serpent Festival, Burning Man and Entheogenesis Australis.

katiahonour.com | facebook.com/katia.honour

Katia Honour will be speaking on a number of panels, and will also be curating the Somara Visionary Art Space.



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