Lahood, G. PhD,  is an anthropologist of consciousness, a transpersonal theorist and facilitator, and is well trained in sacred psychology-psychotherapy. DrG has written two-dozen scholarly articles on a variety of shamanic topics including: ritual healing, Holotropic Breath work, Women’s birth shamanism, spirit possession, New Age spiritual imperialism, spiritual emergency, action research in the realm of the between, Gestalt therapy, cooperative inquiry, psychedelic hybridity, the participatory-turn in transpersonal psychology; anthropology as sacred science, globalizing spiritual narcissism, relational spirituality and the path of beauty. His most recent article, In the Footsteps of the Prophets, is a retrospective anthropology of consciousness in the country of near-death with an informant describing himself as the Angel of the Lord – an event that occurred 30 years ago.

G’s interest in plant entheogens started after a mushroom generated spiritual emergency at 23 after which he became a student of the little clowns.  He also trained with Stan Grof  at 28, meet Terrence McKenna in a hot tub in California in 1990 while living, working and training at Esalen. Lahood specializes in helping people in spiritual emergency (and emergence) and in transformational action research.  G is part of a local (Byron-shire) spiritual research community nick-named The Path of Beauty which is a 7 year experiment in human and non-human communion, the recovery of a more indigenous mind, singing our embedding in Nature, and the maximizing of shared Wellness, Charisma, Wisdom, Beauty and Eros (meaning here: erotic encounters with birds, bees, suns, whales and trees). Lahood is delighted to give a workshop on the path of collaborative inquiry as an emergent and fledgling form of non-authoritarian co-shamanism in which we learn to re-approach the world as a presence and as a person.