February 16, 2000 RESOLVED: The name of this organization is the South of Market Residents' Association (which may be shortened to SoMa Residents' Association and abbreviated as SoMaRA). The elected officials and all activities of this association are governed by the following bylaws:



Since the very founding of San Francisco, South of Market has been home to a succession of pioneers, families, minorities, gay men and women, artists and musicians, representatives of all socio-economic levels. Many have planted roots and left their mark on what is now called SoMa. New generations bring with them much that they too can add.

The mission of the SoMa Residents' Association is to respect and preserve the best that each wave of newcomers has brought to this neighborhood and fight to improve the quality of life of everyone who lives, works and plays South of Market.

1. On January 27, 1999, the founding membership of the SoMa Residents' Association, defined as those individuals listed as members of the various committees which at that time constituted the organizational structure of SoMaRA, voted on a series of resolutions which determined the voting membership and outlined a procedure to enable others to become voting members. An effort was made to compile a complete list of all other persons who had been participating in the activities of the organization since its formation in August of 1998 and, by resolution, the founding members voted that these individuals also constituted the voting membership. Then the voting membership unanimously approved another resolution which required that anyone in the future who desired to become part of the voting membership be sponsored by any member and be approved by a majority vote. No other conditions were set at that time. Under these bylaws, the following additions are made: (1) payment of dues shall be a precondition to voting priveleges, (2) there shall be no voting by proxy allowed, and (3) any member whose behavior is disruptive to the best interests of SoMaRA may be removed from the voting membership by a 2/3 vote at the very next General Meeting following the introduction of a resolution calling for his/her removal. A quorum, determined to be a simple majority of the voting membership, is required before any votes are taken.

2. To reflect the diverse needs of this community and best serve South of Market, annual membership drives, organized by the Membership Director and Director of Neighborhood Outreach, are to be held no less than once a year.

3. SoMaRA supports the neighborhoods of San Francisco and is dedicated to playing a role in the political process of this City. A standing committee of representatives shall be composed of duly-elected representatives who meet with the press, government officials and coalitions of neighborhood organizations to further our goals and contribute to preserving the character and livability of San Francisco.

4. Endorsement of candidates is prohibited; however, by a majority vote, the voting membership may take stands on issues and initiatives determined to be in the best interests of the SoMa Residents' Association.

5. SoMaRA shall be governed by officers and representatives chosen from the voting membership by a majority vote of said membership. The officers and representatives are as follows:

PRESIDENT The President shall chair the General Meetings of SoMaRA, oversee its activitities and facilitate communication among the other elected officers and, as the primary spokesperson of this organization, shall serve as chair of the Standing Committee of Representatives.

VICE PRESIDENT/DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS The Vice President shall assist the President in fulfilling his/her obligations, represent SoMaRA in his/her absence and, as Director of Communications, coordinate the dissemination of information regarding the positions and activities of SoMaRA through press releases, the publication of a newsletter and other appropriate means.

SECRETARY/MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR The Secretary shall take minutes of the General Meetings, manage and update the mailing list and phone tree records, check voice mail and respond to inquiries and, as Membership Director, maintain the list of voting members and participate in activities that increase the membership.

TREASURER/DIRECTOR OF FUNDRAISING The Treasurer shall collect membership dues and other contributions and maintain the checking account of the organization. In addition, as Director of Fundraising, he/she shall pursue fundraising efforts, in cooperation with the other elected officers and the general membership, to increase SoMaRA's ability to carry out its efforts on behalf of South of Market.

SERGEANT AT ARMS/DIRECTOR OF NEIGHBORHOOD OUTREACH The Sergeant at Arms shall organize and make preparations for SoMaRA meetings and maintain order. In addition, as Director of Neighborhood Outreach, he/she shall organize community-oriented events that are consistent with SoMaRA's commitment to the quality of life of everyone South of Market.

STANDING COMMITTEE OF REPRESENTATIVES The Standing Committee of Representatives is composed of those representatives chosen by the membership to attend and advocate for this organization at coalitions of neighborhood groups and with the media and who shall participate in discussions and negotiations with other organizations and city officials which further the goals of SoMaRA.

6. Elected officers and representatives serve at the pleasure of the membership, are elected for a one year term, nominations are to be offered at the first meeting of the year and elections will follow at the next General Meeting, each officer and representative shall have the power to deputize assistants and may be removed by a majority vote of the voting membership at the very next General Meeting which follows the introduction of a resolution of no confidence.

7. Bylaws require a 2/3 vote to amend and the vote is to occur at the very next General Meeting which follows the introduction of the amendment(s).