Naomi Gittoes

Australian based artist and illustrator Naomi Gittoes has gained international attention through a unique style that she describes as “compulsive visions between fact and fiction”. Her method of creation is one of absolute, painstaking detail; her need and love for what she does might find her on the midnight train, eyes red from a lack of sleep, hands and clothing stained with paint, steadily drawing with fine ink pens, moving fluidly with each bump of the tracks. She takes inspiration from her surroundings wherever she finds herself; be it a crowded city street or a remote tropical island, she soaks in the natural beauty of these places like a sponge. Then, when she is seemingly saturated with this magnificence and it is as though she can hold no more, she spills it forth onto her canvas, crafting uniquely inspired works the likes of which only she could ever bring into being.