Feb 2-5 | 4 days of Workshops & Ceremony, with Talks and Panels in the Evenings Abdo Romeo - belarus economic reorientation Romeo Abdo
Feb 6-7 | 2 Days of Talks and Panels.
All Panels will be Webcast. (Please be aware that Australia is often one calendar day ahead of many other parts of the world. For correct time zones click here.) This program is subject to change. Like our facebook page for live updates.
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Tuesday Feb 2, 2016 – Workshop Day
7.00pm Panel | Grandfather Cactus Medicines of The Americas with Maya Waken, Sarah Singing Raven and more.| #somara #cactus
8.00pm Panel | From Heroic Dose to Microdose to Endo
with Jewelli Dollman, Doesjka and more. | #somara #dose

Wednesday Feb 3, 2016 – Workshop Day
7.30pm Panel | Art as Entheogens with, Luis Tamani [Peru], Katia Honour, Bryan Itch, Lily Moses, Paulie Mann, Izzy Ivy + Very Special Guests | #somara #art

Thursday Feb 4, 2016 – Workshop Day
8.30pm Panel | Transcending Crisis In Ceremony with Rati, Jonathan Davis and more. | #somara #crisis

Friday Feb 5, 2016 – Workshop Day
7.30pm Panel | How To Identify A Good Practitioner with Cyana Lopez-Matta, Nen, Sarah Singing Raven and more. | #somara #good

Saturday Feb 6, 2016 – Talks & Panels
4.40pm Panel | Otac – The Sonoran Desert Toad & 5-MeO-DMT with Maya Waken, Jewelli Dollman, Dean Jeffreys, Shannon Kempster – moderated by Rak Razam | #somara #otac

Sunday Feb 7, 2016 – Talks & Panels
3.00pm Panel | Multidimensional Ecology: The Question of Other Than Human Entities (with Julian Palmer, Martin Ball and more) | #somara #entities

5.20pm Panel | ‘Does It Grow Corn?’ – The Co-creation of a Visionary Future | #somara #corn
(with Dan Schreiber, Jef Baker and more)