Quilla has been working with plant medicines and ceremony in both South America and South Africa for twenty years. Initiated in an indigenous tradition of healing and divination in Southern Africa as sangoma, her work and ceremony reflect the inspiration of this lineage. From a young age she was fascinated with diverse cultural cosmologies and ancient techniques of facilitating healing. She began exploring when she was eighteen and travelled to South America where she came across and worked with seasoned practitioners on the medicine path. She spent several months learning in Peru, and on returning to Africa began to work with the medicine people and practices of this land. Travelling further and working with healers in various cultures over the years has allowed her to cultivate a depth of experience and draw inspiration from these ancient methods. Cultivating dynamic diagnostic tools and techniques to communicate with nature and the spirit world, she continues to learn and be guided by the simple teachings of nature.

Quilla’s academic background is in Transpersonal Psychology, Anthropology, Linguistics and Philosophy. She is an Integral coach and facilitator, and engages ceremony, music and movement in her practice.

She worked in documentary filmmaking for several years, focusing on a project on the sacred rhythms of Southern Africa. This explored the role of music in prayer, ceremony and community in several cultures. Exploring ethnomusicology and the effect of movement and music on our development, she has developed a workshop engaging somatic intelligence and rhythm as a way of accelerating self growth.

Her passion is in integrating a grounded way of opening our relationship with the plant world, activating the main ingredient in its medicine, that of friendship.