SoMa Residents' Association RESOLVED:

The SoMa Residents' Association stands
for improving the quality of life of everyone in this neighborhood.
Maintaining a balance among the traditional residential, light industrial and
entertainment uses can be difficult enough.

Imposing a Nighttime Entertainment Zone on top of this upsets that balance.
We find that Supervisor Newsom's ordinance has been written to assist the clubs in circumventing existing noise abatement and nuisance protections, and that the burden of these expanded entertainment-oriented nuisances is placed squarely on the residents.

We distrust any amount of tinkering with a proposal so tainted from the beginning, and we reject being part of that process.

Be it resolved:

It is the position of the SoMa Residents' Association
that we oppose Supervisor Newsom's Nighttime Entertainment Zone
proposal, and that as long as the burden of dealing with noise and nuisance
issues is placed on residents rather than club owners, we remain opposed to any
expansion of club licenses and changes to the enforcement of
existing standards. The SoMa Residents' Association acknowledges that the
clubs are a part of our neighborhood,and that they provide jobs and tax revenues.
But the Association maintains that they must learn to be better neighbors.
We stand ready to work with the Board of Supervisors and the
Planning Commission on issues affecting these clubs and hope that club-related
organizations such as the SoMa Coalition can join us and find a beneficial role in
educating the clubs as to what it takes to be a part of the neighborhood.
This cooperation, we hope, could become the basis for truly useful changes
affecting the quality of life of
everyone who lives, works and plays South of Market.

Resolution passed unanimously General Meeting September 2, 1998