Sarah Singing Raven

DSC_0071Originally from England, Sarah spent 7 years living with indigenous elders in North America and has undergone the vigorous rites of passage connected to the medicine path. She is passionate about reconnecting people to Spirit and the Living Universe and has been leading transformational processes and old earth ceremonies internationally since 1997.

Now a local of the Byron shire, Sarah was recently based in Sydney where she worked with aboriginal communities, founded a transformational Hypnosis Clinic and worked with the corporate sphere facilitating cultural change. Her retreats, workshops and ceremonies are known for being full of vitality, open heartedness and the power to transform.

Sarah Singing Raven will be presenting: ‘Right Relationship’ With Sacred Ganja

According to the United Nations, 35% of Australians today have used marijuana, almost ten times the 3.8% average for the population worldwide.  If we accept that plants have a consciousness and that our use of them is, by definition, a communion… then what is going on here? It’s clear that much of the current use of cannabis is not bringing people into a greater state of alignment, so is there instead a way to approach this plant as a true medicine ally?

What is ‘right relationship’ with this ubiquitous and ancient herb cannabis, she-of-many-names?