Sebastian Job, PhD

Me Itaya river profile 2 Dec 30th 2014Sebastian Job, PhD, is Honorary Associate in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Sydney and visiting lecturer at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. His work in recent years has focused on the significance of the reuptake of teacher plants for the western cultural response to the ecological crisis. He has given presentations on this and related themes (entities, teacher-plant combinations, etc), at various universities, to community groups, and at conferences in Australia and Latin America. He spent the second half of 2014 in the Peruvian Amazon studying first-hand the psychotherapeutic use of a range of traditional teacher plants and plant medicines. He thinks we have only begun to tap the huge potential of the teacher plants and many possibilities still remain to be invented!

Sebastian Job will be presenting:
Stoned Cyborg Theory 1.0: Egalitarian Survival

In the early 21st century, discussion of entheogen use takes place in a cultural-historical context marked by extreme paradox. For some it is obvious we are approaching a ‘technological singularity’ where flesh and blood humans will make way for a higher form of artificial intelligence. For others it is obvious the ecological crisis is now of such proportions that near term human extinction is inevitable. Under these circumstances, Bas asks what kind of collective future should entheonauts be trying to contribute? All these arduous individual healings and ecstatic inter-dimensional explorations, might they have some larger historical significance? Could they contribute to the viability of new egalitarian communities open to the largest experiences of Being of which humans are capable?