Simon Thakur

snimonSimon Thakur is a long-term, dedicated explorer and teacher of meditation, movement and mind-body practices from cultures around the world, combining studies of anthropology, evolutionary biology, anatomy and physiology, psychology, neuroscience and systems theory. This diversity of experience gives him a rare and unique perspective on transformative arts, spanning the modern and the traditional, theory and practice.

Simon has spent close to a decade living in the countries of origin of various ancient traditions in order to learn directly from the source as much as possible, while also continually studying the relevant sciences and attempting to synthesize the core principles of mind-body transformation and explain them in both scientific language and everyday English.

Time in nature has been the other great influence on his work, which in recent years has crystallized into an emerging system of practice called Ancestral Movement. Ancestral Movement is an exploration of the evolutionary origins of our anatomy, motor patterns, and cognitive abilities, and an attempt to make sense of the seemingly ubiquitous practices of animal mimicry and ancestor worship in pre-modern human societies, and perhaps to revive those practices in our own.

Simon Thakur will be presenting ‘Embodiment, Neuroplasticity, Empathy, and Ancestry’, exploring the development of ecological awareness through physical practice.