Victoria Sinclair

victoria sinclair photoVictoria is a trauma theorist, curandera and transpersonal ecospsychologist from Northern Ireland, currently writing up an Msc in Transpersonal Psychology, Spirituality and Consciousness at Middlesex University with specialisms in Psychedelic therapy, plants medicines, shamanism and native/sacred science. Since 2006, Vicky has been travelling and journeying extensively in Central and South America and has organised projects in marginalised communities in UK, Colombia, Brasil and Australia. Victoria has also organised a number of Eagle Condor retreats internationally and is currently co-ordinating an international elders and primordial wisdom project to recognise and preserve Indigenous Knowledge Systems. After 7 years of nomadism, Vicky has decided to settle in Australia to commit further to studying and preserving lore/law and to organise a number of tribal activities in the coming years. ветполиклиника на дому

Victoria Sinclair will be presenting ‘The Cosmic Serpent meets the Rainbow Serpent’, an exploration into Ayahuasca use as a catalyst to enhanced access to transpersonal domains and its relationship to reawakening knowledge of native science.